There’s a zombie on your cake

There’s a rash of zombies everywhere you look nowadays–Urban Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Plants Vs. Zombies, anyone?–that some people are just yawning about it and getting sick of it. Fascination for the undead will probably never die–much like the aforementioned objects of the fascination–and at least there’s something strangely…adorable and entertaining about zombies. They lurch around, decompose, and seek brains. That’s it. You won’t catch any zombie writing anguished diary entries, brooding in their opulent abodes, looking back on all the centuries that have passed, sparkling, or denying their nature so they won’t become monsters. Zombies are hardcore, baby, albeit in need of brains.

And in honor of zombies, a glorious, glorious couple actually had a zombie cake made for their wedding–and everyone’s brains are exploding at the coolness of it. Even better than that: The cake was red fucking velvet.


October 20, 2009 by Lynn
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