Whatever happened to the Helium Club?

When news of this piece of inanity broke out several months ago, the local blogging community didn’t know whether to laugh, sneer, believe the words spouting out of the mouths of the show’s leads, or what. I had no words for it either, apart from the abuse I repeatedly hurled at the trying-hard-to-be-cool copy on the website as well as their annoyingly persistent use of the term “Manila social pawn fixture.” Yet I had to admit that I was irresistibly drawn to this trainwreck of a web series and excitedly looked forward to the premiere of the first episode, which would supposedly take place sometime in May.

May passed. So did June. Not a peep came out.

So what the hell happened to the Helium Club? If you got here asking the same question, well, I don’t know myself. I do wonder if it will be unleashed unto us when we least expect it, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s too bad, though, I would’ve added a new object of mockery to my mile-long list.

October 21, 2009 by Lynn
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