Campaign season is ON, baby!

And the political ads are popping up like angry zits hellbent on destroying your life–except the ads and the people they feature are worse, because they really can destroy your life. Much has already been said about political ads, and I’ll toss in my own thoughts about them when I don’t feel so lazy. In the meantime, I just saw the music video from the surprise presidential candidate earlier this evening, and it left me reeling from Regine Velasquez’s caterwauling, the earnest expressions on the faces of Sharon Cuneta, Ai-Ai de las Alas, the infernal Kris Aquino, and Anne Curtis, among other celebs, with the exception of Marian Rivera who was gliding across the screen looking utterly confident that she’s the most gorgeous creature on the planet. I don’t care for Noynoy Aquino, the same way I don’t care for any of the presidential candidates who’ve been crawling out lately, and I don’t care for the music video at all.

And am I the only who thinks that this scene from the video looks like they’re marching onward and preparing to lay waste to wherever they’re heading?


October 31, 2009 by Lynn
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  1. All they need are pitchforks.

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