Paramore in Manila

I’m not really a fan of Paramore and basically just tagged along with my boyfriend and his sister, who’s a huge fan. Figured it couldn’t hurt at all to check it out, since it might turn out to be fun. The evening started out with dinner at Sbarro, as well as people-watching in an attempt to figure out who might be watching the concert. You can easily pick them out of a crowd: young people dressed in really funky outfits, for one, and of course, people clad in Paramore t-shirts, or ones proclaiming “I ♥ Paramore.”

The concert was supposed to start at 8:30, but we opted to go in at around 7 p.m. to get good spots. True enough, there were already a lot of people in our section, guaranteed to make any view of the stage impossible for short folk like me and my boyfriend’s sister. For quite some time, we wandered around our section trying to get a good view of the stage. It would always happen that once we’ve planted ourselves in a suitable spot, another group of concertgoers would make their way in front of us and completely obstruct our view. It might have taken us around five tries before settling in one place. It was a pretty interesting waltz, and made me wish for an indoor concert venue that may at least have proper seats.

The front act for the concert was Callalily, a band I think nothing of and which my boyfriend and his sister dislike immensely. I ended up agreeing with them, since none of the songs caught my attention and the lead singer would sing “nananaginip” (dreaming) as “nanyanyaginip.” Distracting.

A huge cheer went through the crowd when Paramore finally took the stage. Happily, I recognized a few songs, although the ones I didn’t even sounded good and catchy. I think the band was quite surprised to find out that people really know their music; the audience wouldn’t stop singing along to every song, and every song met with cheers, dancing, and jumping along. All in all, it was a pretty fun night–it was good to be in a sea of humanity, for one, and even better to see people truly enjoying themselves, plus the music and energy were something else.

March 10, 2010 by Lynn
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