To Noynoy Aquino supporters

The results of the 2010 elections had the ardent supporters of now-President-elect and oft-dubbed savior of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino rejoicing, feeling hopeful, and eagerly awaiting June 30 when Aquino could finally take the reins from Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and steer the country into a brighter, corruption-free future. Perfectly normal; everyone’s looking forward to the end of the Arroyo era.

But the Noynoy supporters are something special altogether, because along with their joyful afterglow comes an uglier animal: the gloat. They’re just not content with merely triumphantly sounding the horns of victory and feverishly shaking their yellow pompoms. They have taken to jeering, mocking, and pointing derisively at those who are critical of Noynoy. Every time a negative word is lashed against him, these people’s responses follow one particular track, and could be any of the following:

1. “Hahaha, bitter lang kayo, kasi natalo mga kandidato niyo!”
2. “Ang lakas ng loob ninyo mag-criticize. Bakit, may nagawa na ba kayo para sa bansa natin?”
3. “Wala kang kwentang Pilipino, crab mentality talaga, hindi niyo nirerespeto ang electoral process, hindi mo mahal ang bansa natin, lumayas ka na lang, hindi ka namin kailangan dito.”
4. “Wala na kayong magagawa, siya na ang presidente natin, magtulong-tulong na lang tayo.”
5. “Go P-Noy! Don’t pay attention to these negative people. We fully support you!”

Of all these responses, the fourth one makes the most sense. But the other four speak volumes about the intelligence and reasoning skills of Noynoy’s supporters. Despite all attempts at voter education and intelligent discourse about politics and elections, people still default to their elementary-school ways. It’s not enough for Noynoy to have won; they have this indescribable need to taunt those who weren’t on their side, haha, kulelat kayo, beh buti nga, panalo kami. Which leads to everyone else scratching their heads and wondering when it became a bad thing to complain about or oppose those who are in power, especially since those same taunters were among those who complained the loudest about Arroyo.

To all Noynoy supporters: We’re not asking much from you. We’re not trying to force you to stop supporting Noynoy, and we’re definitely not calling for his head or for him to get kicked out. Like you, we’re hoping for the best, and that he really will be up to the job of fixing the country, because heavens know we need fundamental change. But what we would like is for you to remember that there is such a thing as free speech, and that whether you like it or not, there will be people who will not approve of Noynoy’s decisions, policies, or behavior. It would be such a relief if you realized that criticism doesn’t mean we hate the country, but that we love it and are perfectly willing to say what needs to be said if it can help people wake up and start thinking. We also wish that you exercise discernment as well, and that you keep a close watch on the incoming government as well, rather than simply cheering on every effort just because it’s Noynoy at the helm.

Of course, none of what I or other critics say will matter, because you’ll be too busy howling in outrage and telling us we’re a bunch of unnationalistic assholes who need God in our lives and to just believe that Noynoy is The Answer To All Ills.

June 24, 2010 by Lynn
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