Pilipinas, kay pangit ng bagong slogan mo

So the Philippines recently launched a new tourism slogan–“Pilipinas, Kay Ganda”, which means “Philippines, So Beautiful” or “Philippines, How Beautiful”–only to have it pulled and forcibly stuffed under pillows by people pretending it didn’t happen. I’m too sleepy to cook up a scathing commentary on this at the moment, but I’ll take the time to hit back at what DOT Secretary Alberto Lim said.

In an interview with radio dzMM, Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim said many foreigners have applauded the slogan “Pilipinas Kay Ganda,” different from what others feel, especially Filipinos themselves.

“Masakit na ang bumabatikos ay Pilipino mismo, who do not accept their own language,” he said.

Dude, we’re not against the slogan because it’s in Filipino, although it doesn’t make sense to use the language if you’re catering to foreigners. We’re against it because it sucks, lacks attitude, personality, and energy.

And also, you say, “For one, in most countries, Philippines is known as “Pilipinas” rather than “Philippines,””? Untrue. I may have only been to Europe a handful of times, but the European folks I’ve met know our country as Philippines; none of them have corrected me by saying, “Oh, you mean Pilipinas!” And what’s this bullshit about being the only Latin country in Asia? Is that something to be proud of? And besides, what? We’re Latin? Since when? Last I checked, we’re Southeast Asian, just so happened that the Spanish hung out here for a long time. That does not make us Latinos. Your ass should be fired right this instant.

And if you must know, if your slogan has to have a translation and pronunciation guide at the bottom, I think we can all safely say that it’s a total failure.

More organized ranting tomorrow.

November 19, 2010 by Lynn
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