Like 90% of the Internet, I’m heavily into cute, adorable, squee-worthy pictures and videos of cats, dogs, hamsters, otters–you name it (the remaining 10% is either solely into porn or their Facebook accounts). One of the pet blogs I regularly go to is SweetFurr, which first caught my attention after I saw a video of one of the site owner’s cats, Cooper, being fed using chopsticks. I never could resist the blog ever since, and I’m always thrilled to see new posts, new pictures and videos, and new additions to the family, the latest being Choco Ball and Mochi.

So I was pretty heartbroken the other day to find out that Choco Ball has a liver problem, and I’m hoping she recovers somehow. It seems pretty strange to be thoroughly involved in the life of a cat I’ve never even seen, belonging to a person I don’t even know, but these things happen.

Edit: Choco Ball passed away Friday afternoon. 🙁

April 23, 2011 by Lynn
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