Visita Iglesia 2011: A day of rage

For me, at least. I’ve long ago renounced the Catholic faith, but have no objection to other people practicing it, nor am I the sort to break out in hives when I get within 20 feet of a church. Maundy Thursday (Probably like all other kids, I thought this was “Monday Thursday” when I was little. Can anybody tell me what “Maundy” means? I don’t feel like looking it up. Thanks.) was a real test for me, however, since I had to drive my parents to seven churches. Unfortunately, the first church instantly snapped my patience in half, which led to me grousing all the way to the other six churches, thanks to this sign they had outside.

Translation: Using contraceptives leads to cancer in mothers and deformities in children. Misinformation at its finest. The Catholic church isn’t even trying to get creative anymore in trying to marshal arguments against the RH bill, and have instead resorted to declaring outright lies. Or maybe they’re referring to FIGURATIVE cancer and deformities? In which case they’re still talking out of their asses.

April 23, 2011 by Lynn
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