Headstands all around

I didn’t go to yoga class during the weekend, so I had to really push myself hard today. For some reason, I tend to feel lazy just before starting, but find myself getting into the spirit of things after going through the first asana. All in all, class was really pretty good today. Of course, it’s the post-class chitchat and practices that are especially enjoyable. One of our teachers always tell us to inform her if we’d like to work on a certain pose after class so she can assist us. I practiced my headstand again today since it’s a pose I seriously would like to be able to do properly. What I really need to learn is how to keep my shoulders and my legs tight, plus I’m still afraid that once she steps back and lets go of me, I’ll end up tipping to the front or to the side. I’ll get it right in the future.

After two of us had our turn, there were still three people left in the studio, and I could tell that they were somewhat interested in trying out a headstand themselves but weren’t too sure yet. I’m pleased to say that they all did just fine, with the last girl having a particularly fine form. Prior to doing her headstand, one girl asked the teacher if it was hard to learn how to do a headstand and which pose would be easier for her to try. The teacher smiled and told her that nothing’s easy, but that’s why we have to learn. Life lesson right there.

May 09, 2011 by Lynn
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