Protecting my yoga mat

Presently, I’m using the mat I first got in 2009. It’s nothing special. I just got it for P400 ($9.30) at Toby’s, which was definitely quite a good deal, I thought. It survived the more than a month I spent doing Bikram yoga, after which I laid it aside and brought it out only for floor workouts at home (which frankly weren’t all that frequent). Since I started doing yoga this year, however, having been at it for a month and doing five classes a week, bits of the mat have started peeling off. I realize this could also be because I don’t have yoga towels yet that cover the entire mat, and perhaps any further damage to it could be slowed by having a proper towel.

I’m choosing from towels by Yogarat and Gaiam. Yogitoes was a consideration, but the price is just a little too much for me at the moment. Of course, I can always just opt for the towels by Aquazorb; I got one at Landmark Trinoma for only P500 ($11.62), way cheaper than all the other brands out there. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow and see if it’s both absorbent and can help me hold my pose without slipping all over the place. Nevertheless, I’ll still give other brands a look.

May 17, 2011 by Lynn
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