Commonwealth Avenue is all about common sense

Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has earned the unfortunate nickname “the killer highway”, thanks to the number of accidents that seem to happen there on a daily basis. So now, everybody’s busy throwing in their own opinions about what the proper solution is to make Commonwealth Avenue a safer place, ranging from stationing traffic enforcers along the highway 1 to imposing a 60 kilometers per hour speed limit. Some people are also debating the wisdom of all the u-turn slots along Commonwealth, when its intersections of old worked perfectly well. MMDA enforcers with speed guns to monitor vehicles’ speeds are also stationed on footbridges, except motorists can easily spot them and slow down when they do, then speed right back up again once they’ve gone past the enforcers. 2

One thing people aren’t considering here? The human idiocy factor. No matter how good the system is and how roomy Commonwealth Avenue is, you have to remember that you have no control over how insanely people will drive–unless you strictly enforce traffic rules, take away licenses, keep careful track of their driving habits from then on, and prevent them from bribing an insider friend to give them back their licenses right away without having to take a seminar or pay a fine, which requires a system-wide overhaul and a commitment to stick to the new rules.

Then we also have idiot pedestrians who cheerfully ignore the footbridges and recklessly cross the highway. One news show interviewed pedestrians who were apprehended for crossing Commonwealth, all of them saying, “But there wasn’t a sign telling us that we shouldn’t cross there”, as if all of Commonwealth should be lined with such signs just to get people to remember to use the footbridges for safety.


MMDA Bares Plan to Widen Commonwealth Avenue to Sixty Lanes.” And just for this headline, I already want to slap you on the back and give you a high-five, The Maligno Sentinel.

  1. After Chit Estrella’s death, MMDA enforcers are indeed stationed along Commonwealth–except they’re concentrated only in front of Technohub. People, accidents along Commonwealth don’t just take place in that area. Quit being reactive and figure out that you should be scattered along the highway to witness violations or to spring into action when accidents elsewhere occur.
  2. And quit hanging out in one single spot all the time. Scatter. Be stealthy. Hide where motorists won’t easily spot you, thus rendering us unable to fool you with feigned compliance with the speed limit.

May 19, 2011 by Lynn
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