Different yoga teachers

The yoga studio I go to has five teachers, all of whose classes I’ve attended. I must admit that I have my favorite and I also have that one teacher I dread seeing, because her classes are usually pretty intense.

Tonight’s teacher was someone whose class I hadn’t gone to since the third week of April, so I was glad to see her again. I thought she was pretty nice, and the fact that she talks quite calmly is a plus, and she was also the one who encouraged me to really go for it when I was first trying to do the chakrasana. After not seeing her for weeks, I realized that she has a pretty different way of starting the class. While the others would talk to us and tell us about the class or how many minutes till it starts, she just sat on her mat quietly with her eyes closed while everyone else was still bustling around. After a few moments, we each caught her quiet, sitting down with our eyes closed for a few minutes before starting pranayama.

The rest of the class was pretty invigorating and new, to me. There were plenty of asanas that I haven’t done before, and others that I have yet to perfect. The flow was completely different too, and reminded me to stay in the moment and not drift off.

I guess that’s what I do like about having different yoga teachers. There’s always something new to learn from each one of them and their varying techniques are challenging. It’s also fun to feel like a complete newbie to the practice–makes it all the more interesting and far from routine.

May 19, 2011 by Lynn
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