Forever alone

Overwhelmingly Catholic Malta has voted in favor of legalising divorce – likely leaving the Philippines as the only country in the world that continues to ban the practice.

Until the Maltese vote is formalized in law, and apart from Vatican City, Malta is one of only two countries in the world — the Philippines is the other — that bans divorce. Chile was the last country to legalise divorce in 2004 after overwhelming public pressure. Read more.

Of course, the Philippines being the Philippines, we’re not going to see this as, “Hey, maybe it is time we considered this and moved forward as well.” Instead, people will be all, “Omigods, we’re the last bastion of morality in the world, good for us! Everyone else is going to hell, but we’re still the only ones steadfastly obeying the will of God!”

May 30, 2011 by Lynn
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