The fierce warrior

During yoga class tonight, the teacher had much more creative and inspiring ways to describe the warrior poses. For virabhadrasana, she said we should think that we’re warriors presenting ourselves and showing how strong and powerful we are. For virabhadrasana II, she said we should visualize ourselves slicing off the head of a dragon. For virabhadrasana III, she told us to imagine that we’re presenting the severed head as a trophy of war.

Just to let you all know that I haven’t really mastered the skill of keeping my mind blank, I was thinking the following things all throughout the warrior series:

1. “Look at me! I’m a mighty warrior! Hraaaaa!” (At some point this turned into a sheepish oops, because I lost my balance)

2. “HYAAAA! I keel you, dwagon!”

3. “Check out this awesome awesome head!”

June 15, 2011 by Lynn
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