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Not too long ago, the RH bill debate dominated the Philippine news cycle. The networks couldn’t get over it, spotlighting the topic through televised debates and constant polls on news shows. For some reason, the divorce bill elbowed the RH bill discussion out of the limelight, and the debates and discussions began to focus on whether or not the divorce bill should be passed or not. 1

And now, thanks to the approval of the same-sex marriage legislation in New York, people have begun talking about the possibility of legalizing gay marriage in the Philippines as well. 2

PEOPLE. Learn how to focus on one issue at a time. This is particularly important in our country, being a people who so easily adopt one idea and then dropping it when something new comes along. One issue has to be firmly pinned down first before undertaking something that requires such a huge change in people’s thinking.

  1. Predictably, what seems like the anti-RH crowd gnashed their teeth and howled that the divorce bill was wrong and it’ll destroy families, ZOMG.
  2. If sex education and responsible family planning already has Christian and Catholic panties in a bunch, gay marriage will most likely have them collapse in a dead faint.

June 27, 2011 by Lynn
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