Looking forward

I’ve been trying to master bakasana or crow pose lately, and a practice session a while ago ended with me bonking my head on my mat when I pitched forward. I’m fine and no, it didn’t hurt, but it was quite alarming.

During yoga class tonight, we were given two minutes to come into any pose we felt like, and I chose to go with–what else?–bakasana. The teacher gave me a pretty good tip, telling me to look forward as I shift my feet up and not to look down, because when you look down, your whole body follows. It helped with my attempt at the pose and made me feel stronger and more capable of doing it. Granted, I didn’t hold the pose longer than two seconds, but it was still an achievement.


And speaking of tonight’s yoga class, which was Hot Flow, oh man, that session was intensely hot, causing me to stop and catch my breath for a while. It’s funny, Bikram didn’t bother me before, but tonight’s heat, which is far lower than that in Bikram yoga, made me stop. Perhaps I just need to get used to that kind of heat again.


I’m pleased to announce that I did a very strong virabhadrasana III tonight. I don’t know how, I just felt strong while moving into the pose and I didn’t fall out of it at all.

July 04, 2011 by Lynn
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