Naked yoga, anyone?

I like thinking up different types of yoga classes. There’s midnight yoga, which is, um, yoga done during midnight, for those who want to do yoga late at night or welcome the new day ahead of everyone else. There’s rage yoga, in which you can do yoga angrily and intensely. But there’s one type that I never would have thought of on my own. While looking through FitSugar‘s Yoga section, I discovered the existence of…naked yoga, and it’s being taught in different cities in the U.S. for a while now.

Fans say the nudity aids in deepening their yoga practice while building a close — and emphatically nonsexual — community. “A lot of people, especially living in New York, don’t get the opportunity to connect with people in an intimate way,” said Aaron Star, who started the naked yoga movement.

While it’s said to be more for gay men, coed classes are also available. Personally, it’s something I wouldn’t sign up for. I’ve given the idea a lot of thought after I got past the kneejerk “Oh my gods, eww, no!” and I still decided that it’s not something I would ever consider trying. There’s something itchy about being in close quarters with a lot of nude people, and the concept of “hot nude yoga” is not exactly appealing to me. I can’t imagine how peaceful your mind can be during downward dog or while doing a full side plank.

That said, I can imagine how naked yoga can train you to quiet your mind and focus on your practice, plus it’s great savings on yoga clothes.

July 05, 2011 by Lynn
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