Ooh, colorful napkins

This calls for a disbelieving gape and a “What the actual fuck?”

Express yourself with new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design pads, the first pad with attractive color designs to reflect your personal sense of style.

Oh my, yes, sanitary napkins with colorful designs! I knew there was something missing from my usual pad, and some clever execs have finally hit on the very thing that will make sure pads achieve perfection. Yes, yes, it is certainly a wise decision to invest time, money, and effort thinking up designs for napkins, rather than figuring out how pads could be more efficient and comfortable or what could be done to make them better for the environment. What a worthwhile endeavor! And how clever of Kotex to figure out that my pads have to express my personal style. After all, women habitually wave their pads around in public or show them to people so they can see what stylish individuals they are. Heaven forbid that we settle for plain white pads, heaven forbid.

August 11, 2011 by Lynn
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  1. HAHAHA! I never understood the point of these pads! Baket?!

    • Weird, ‘no? Wala silang significant, life-changing contribution to the process of menstruation. Wala lang, pa-cute lang.

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