Tsk tsk, Lenovo SM Annex North EDSA customer service

I lost my temper while talking to Neil of the SM Annex North EDSA branch of Lenovo this evening. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have gone off the rails like that, but I left my laptop with them on July 6, nearly two months ago, and to hear Neil ask me, “Ma’am, dito niyo ba iniwan yung laptop ninyo? (Ma’am, did you leave your laptop here?)” sent me over the edge.

Let me take you back to a time when I was younger* and hopeful, albeit a little distressed. My laptop exhibited some strange behavior, with the light on the caps lock button switched on even if I hadn’t pressed caps lock. I hoped there wasn’t any serious problem, but my suspicions of an electrical problem were confirmed when I tried to use it again that evening and it wouldn’t power on.

I took it to the Lenovo shop where I bought it the following day and explained the problem. After a few minutes of checking, Neil asked if I wanted to leave the laptop with them to be checked and repaired, which could take up to three weeks. Three weeks without my laptop sounded painful, but I figured that was the best option, so I immediately said yes. I filled out a form, he wrote down his mobile phone number and got mine as well so he could update me, and I went on my way, feeling hopeful.

Would you call me an unreasonable customer if I was indeed hoping for updates on my laptop or any news about what the problem was? A week after July 6, I called to cheerfully ask if they’d managed to find out what the problem was; I wasn’t surprised when they said it was still being processed. I understood. I’m one of hundreds of customers that they most likely have, I wasn’t expecting my laptop to be at the top of their to-do list.

More than a month later, I called again for an update and was informed that the laptop still wasn’t switching on, but parts were on their way for the laptop. Another call a week later, I was told that the parts were there and the laptop was being repaired. I was assured that they were following up regularly on the status of my laptop. Last week, I called again, feeling a little panicky since I’m supposed to leave on the second week of September and my laptop was nowhere in sight. A different guy, Harold, answered and assured me that my laptop should be ready in a week.

Which brings us to the present. I called Lenovo again, hoping for some good news, and asked to speak to Harold; I’d long abandoned hope of talking to Neil, since a couple of texts to him last week went unanswered. Harold said he’d go check and could I leave my number so he can call back in 20 minutes? I left my number and started the clock. Before the 20 minutes were up, I received a text message from Neil, asking what my laptop’s serial number was. A bit of panic was beginning to set in. A few minutes after that, I went ahead and called Lenovo again and my call was taken by Neil, who said that Harold wrote down my number wrong which was why they couldn’t call back. I wanted to say, “You have my mobile phone number, couldn’t you have texted me to reconfirm my phone number?”

The next thing he said to me was, “Ma’am, dito niyo ba iniwan yung laptop ninyo? (Ma’am, did you leave your laptop here?)” Keep in mind that this is the same person who received my laptop on July 6, who gave me his mobile phone number, and who I have been texting for news about my laptop. I stated again that I left the laptop with him specifically on July 6. Neil told me again that there still weren’t any parts available. I repeated all the information that he has given me about the status of my laptop. He said again that it just wasn’t ready. I asked him what the actual problem was with my laptop, and he said it was a problem with the motherboard.

I said, “There you go, you should have told me what the exact problem was so I know what’s happening at least.” He replied, “But I was texting you.” “No, you only text when you reply to my texts, apart from that, you weren’t telling me what was happening with my laptop. So if the motherboard is the problem, can it be replaced?” “Yes, but you said you wanted the laptop repaired.” “I did when I thought that was the only option available. If you let me know that it could be replaced, we could have done that instead.” The conversation continued in this vein for a couple more minutes until he told me that my laptop wasn’t the only one they were fixing. I said I knew that, but I’d hope for some progress after leaving it with them for nearly two months, and I would have appreciated it if they took the initiative to inform me about the problem, actual solutions, and possible cost. He said getting mad wasn’t going to solve things, so I apologized but said that if he were in my place, he would be displeased at the lack of information as well. I may have needed the laptop sooner than two months, but it would have been nice for them to let me know about its status so I know whether to take it back and bring it elsewhere.

The conversation ended with him telling me to just pick up the laptop tomorrow since he himself was already getting aggravated (“Sige, kunin niyo na lang bukas, kasi ako rin nabuburyong na eh” were his exact words.). Thus, I’ve chosen to pick up my laptop tomorrow in Greenhills, where they sent my laptop to be repaired and hopefully find some fast, efficient, and effective solution. The funny thing is, it wasn’t even a Lenovo center to which they sent my laptop, but a different repair shop altogether.

Edit, August 26: I picked up my laptop from the Greenhills shop yesterday. It turns out Neil sent it to that shop only on August 5, so any claims made in July that it was being repaired and he was checking up on it were nothing but lies. After I got my laptop, I took it to the Lenovo service center in Libis and explained what happened. The people there were surprised that Neil actually sent my laptop to an unauthorized repair shop and said what he should’ve done was to send it directly to the Lenovo service center. A day after I left my laptop with the service center, I already got a diagnosis for my ailing laptop. Awesome. However, I am still on the warpath against that Neil who basically wasted nearly two months doing either nothing or gods-know-what with my machine. It would have been fixed a lot sooner had the service center handled it in the first place.

* Two months younger.


I think I should again reiterate that while I wanted to get my laptop quickly, I fully understood that I was not their one and only customer. What I really wanted was to be kept updated about my laptop, not have to beg for information every week. I would call, give my name, state my laptop model, then be passed on to some other person. Neil asking me if I indeed left my laptop with them was the last straw, since it made me think that they just passed my laptop on to someplace else and washed their hands of it altogether. Next time, I wouldn’t go to them at all for any future problems with my laptop, since it looks like they don’t really keep track of items nor care enough to provide at least occasional updates to a customer.


More customer service lies! A letter from Citibank Philippines says that they have a 24-hour hotline, 4433000. A call to them at 9 p.m. tonight informed me that the service is available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

August 24, 2011 by Lynn
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  1. Totally inappropriate to tell a customer that she’s irritating him. I would write a strongly worded letter to management.

    • I took my laptop to the Lenovo service center today at last. You would think that the guy would have sent it there in the first place; he sent it to another computer shop in Greenhills on August 5, a month after I left my laptop with him. I reported the incident to Lenovo’s service team leader, as well as sent an e-mail to Lenovo itself, and got a reply. 😀 FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, CONSUMERS!

      • Akala ko ako lang ang ngkaganyan. Nagiwan ako ng email, company phone number and cell number. And ni hindi man lang ako inuupdate. Samantalang yung quotation sinend nila sa email ko. Kung hindi mo pa tatawagan every week hindi aasikasuhin. Worst experience ever. Nagpaayos ako sa lenovo glorietta pero hindi ganyan.

  2. hope to see that man terminated.

  3. I am an IBM employee and sadly, I am facing the same situation right now, except that ironically, after almost a week of reporting damage on my Thinkpad T430 to our internal I.T Support team, on the same floor as with the Lenovo Service Center in IBM Plaza Eastwood, I receive no good response from them. Perhaps it’s because my laptop was company-issued and that my son sat on the lcd whih caused the damage. Fully demotivated an helpless, I Googled and have seen this post. Oh, I’m still lucky to have read this.. I was about to bring my laptop to Lenovo Sm North but now I change my mind. And because my own company has no clear process and do not commumicate timely and accurate information, I willnjust keep the damaged laptop until I resign and have the cost of damage charged to my backpay. Too sad indeed.

    • Terrible customer service all around 🙁 I brought my laptop to MSI-ECS along Economia Street in Libis; that’s where the Lenovo service center is. They fixed it up, but it wasn’t cheap. Good luck!

      • Hi Lynn,
        I know that the cost depends on the extent of damage but around how much did you pay for the repair? Do they have other charges and how long did it take them? If you could also provide a contact person, that would be great. I’m now planning to bring my laptop directy to MSI-ECS and hopefully resolve my dilemma as well. Thank you.

        • Around P20,000. The motherboard was the original problem, but apparently, the Greenhills shop where the Lenovo guy brought my laptop did other stuff, kasi pati yung screen may sira na rin bigla.

          Unfortunately, I’d forgotten the person I dealt with 🙁 Repair took about a month.

  4. I left my phone in lenovo service center in bacoor for over a month now. I hope that they are working on it. For 3weeks now, all they are saying is that it is already in FARMERS and is waiting for some parts.

    • I found the contact info of the Farmers office. It’s 4217072. You can try to call them and ask directly if your phone is really there. I’ve found it’s best to send the devices directly to the repair centers.

  5. I also bought my lenovo laptop on November. And because it was new, i am very careful in using it. After 2 months. I was shocked when the screen turned completely white, i tried connecting it to my television with a HDMI cable, luckily it was still working, so I assumed that the only problem was the screen itself. The next day, i brought it to sm sanpablo at silicon valley where i bought it. They inspected it, and told me that the problem was the screen. They asked me if it was okay if they bring my laptop to the the main office of lenovo i think somewhere in manila. I asked them how long will it take to fix my laptop, they said it would be finished in a month from now. A month with no laptop is very hard for me because im still a student, and i really need it for study purposes. I asked them how much would that cost if i bring it to a repair shop instead. They said “ay mam siguro po mga 10-14k po ang paayos dun” so i immediately just said ay sige ipapadala ko nalang dun sa office and wait for a month. I gave them my number, and the guy assisting me also gave his number so he can update me. After a week i asked him about any update and they told me na hindi pa daw napapadala, then after a week i texted him again, he told me that my laptop was sent to the office and still waiting for parts. This “waiting for parts” happened for almost 2 months! And now it’s april! I still dont have my laptop! I asked them again what the problem was because i really lost my patience and my temper. They texted me the next day and told me that i can get my laptop now. I asked my tito to get my laptop cause i was so busy from school. The my tito texted me that they didnt want to give my laptop back because they detected that the motherboard was broken. I really snapped and im just really furious right now, i dont even know what really happened to my laptop until now. Im still waiting and hoping that it’ll be fixed asap.

    • I’m sorry you’re going through that, and I know how you feel 🙁 Customer service is pretty crap here, and leaving laptops with the shops where we got them doesn’t seem to achieve anything. It’s annoying how we send our laptops in for one problem, then suddenly they say that the motherboard’s the issue.

      I’ve found it’s most useful to head straight to the actual service center, where they’re more conscientious about updates and provide better service. Good luck!

  6. Hi, everyone I had the same dilemma on the service center of lenovo at SM north. My laptop had been damaged after 2 weeks that I bought it. I know it’s incredibly terrible. Anyway, same case they don’t know how to give updates to their customers to the point that I have to deal with them personally. On the same day that I went to their store because I was going berserk , they immediately told me that they are about to get it from Makati I think where they sent it and will be finishing it that moment on. After a few weeks that it was repaired and I am already using it, things got bad again, WIFi cannot be detected though in control panel it says it’s functioning then Bluetooth device cannot be opened, now my battery isn’t charging. Now I’m on a crappy thing.. anyone who can advise me what service center can fix the issues promptly cause to be honest i need my laptop asap cause I’m using it for work, Thanks in advance for your replies. God Bless!

  7. Same case with jinny, kabibili ko lang nang lenovo laptop i5 that cost 36k this april 4 syempre ingat n ingat ako, pero wala pang 1mon, nagkaroon nang vertical line sa lcd ko, dinala ko agad sa octagon kung saan ko binili yung unit, sabi nila ipprioritize daw nila kasi wala pang 1mon. Nag filledup ako nang form kinuha cp no. Ko.. Wala akong feed back na ntatanggap sakanila ilang beses ko silang kinontack nasa service pa daw 1mon bago ko nakuha unit ko.. After 3days, ntatanggal yung boarder nang lcd, anong nangyayari?? Bakit ganito ka rupok yung unit.. Tumawag ako sa SMI dahil dun ako pinkausap ni octagon para iparating yung reklamo ko.. Gusto kong papalitan nang bagong unit dahil hindi ko desearve ang magbayad nang 36k sa isang defective unit.. Sabi nang SMI gawa daw ako nang letter na irequest ang total replacement nng unit, hanggang ngayon walang aksyon.. Kanina finallow up ko, sabi nang SMI sa malaysia pa daw manggagaling yung approval nang letter ko??? Ano??? Bakit dun pa??? Sabi ko mag dedemanda ako, sabi nng SMI ok lang daw yun dahl right ko nmn daw yun.. So tignan nalng natin…

    Plz, sino po ang pwedeng mkapag bibigay nang advice naiiyak na ako, dahil ang mahal nang unit tapos ganun lang yung mangyayari??
    salamat and God bless u all…

    • Hi Tina, sorry to hear about your laptop. I had the same experience as well. It’s really bad. Too bad that I decided to sell it instead and learn the lesson that the quality of Lenovo technology isn’t impressive at all. I guess you can check their international website and leave a comment there. I’m not sure if it would work but just take chances though. Best of luck to you. God bless you.

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