Getting all gussied up

I’m attending a wedding this month with my sister and I have to admit that I’m extremely excited about it because 1.) I get to dress up! I haven’t dressed up in years and 2.) FOOD. I haven’t attended very many weddings in my life. The last one may have been in 2002, when a college blockmate of mine got married. So yeah, I really am very thrilled about having a wedding to go to. It’s a great opportunity to gawk at people and exercise my ability to be gracious and friendly. I can’t wait.

Because of my lack of experience attending weddings or any special events for that matter, I’ve had to conduct a dry run of my outfit to make sure it looks good and that I can move in it. I’ll be wearing a dress I got back in 2009 when I was supposed to attend my niece’s sweet 16 party. Since my trip was cancelled, that dress has been stowed in my closet for the past couple of years, waiting for a chance to be worn. Good thing it fits me a lot better now. The dress will be paired with gold flats, because I’ve never managed to be able to walk in heels. Here’s hoping I can pull together the outfit–and pull it off–just fine.

December 07, 2011 by Lynn
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