Vehicular mishap

It was quite a way to end a fairly decent month. Last night, I was at a dance studio to attend Zumba class, and I was thrilled to be able to park in a slot directly in front of the building–that’s a rare thing. Twenty minutes into Zumba class, however, I was called outside and informed that someone bumped my car while he was pulling out of his parking space. Nananahimik ang sasakyan ko’t maayos ang pagkakaparada, tapos nabunggo pa. Brilliant. I was, naturally, pissed off, but being in such situations tends to just make me sigh and get the details sorted out so we can begin sorting out the problem. As much as I’d like to scream and rage at the boy–who just got his fricking driver’s license yesterday–I figured it wouldn’t be helpful or useful, and it certainly wouldn’t make the dent disappear.

I realize in such situations, a police report is necessary. But the kid had already pulled his vehicle away to the other side of the road, leaving the original scene of the crime. The kid took his sweet time texting me later that evening, and I had to harangue him on Twitter to get a response. I found something interesting while Googling the kid’s name: he’s set to appear in an ABS-CBN TV show soon. A conversation with his dad let me know that he (the dad) is, well, quite well known. Doesn’t cow me at all, though.

Right now, I’m feeling both apprehensive–still scared that maybe they’ll skulk off without paying for the damage–and angry at myself, thinking that perhaps I should have been angrier the night of the accident, put some fear into the kid, and wondering why the assertiveness gene appears to have skipped me entirely.

February 01, 2012 by Lynn
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