Potential rom-com!

Lunch today was very informative, mainly because it was an editorial meeting for a dog care book I’m helping to edit. One thing I picked up is that showdogs tend to behave differently from normal dogs. The vet who was present at the meeting said she had to give one showdog a checkup. The moment she put her hands on the dog, the dog immediately assumed the perfect showdog posture, likely thinking that the vet was a judge. One editor also mentioned being in a shoot featuring a showdog, wherein the dog was simply sitting or standing still, with the handler adjusting the position of her paws every now and then. The editor told the handler to let the dog run around and play, and the handler and even the dog just looked at her as if to say, “What is this ‘play’ of which you speak?”

It’s a story that sounds just right for a romantic comedy. The showdog who knows nothing of life beyond competitions, grooming, and training meets a cheerful, friendly housedog. Despite the showdog’s initial resistance, he opens up to the housedog, they become friends, and eventually fall in love, while the showdog loosens up and learns what life is like as a regular dog. I’m thinking the showdog is somewhat a staid, boring guy and the housedog is your typical Manic Pixie Dream Girl type. Call it a modern-day The Lady and the Tramp, except sadder, because the showdog has not experienced what it is like to be a regular dog, as opposed to Lady who had all the comforts of home and was able to run around the house and dig up the garden. Film outfits, call me!

February 07, 2012 by Lynn
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