Non-rude indeed

The Philippines isn’t among the world’s most disrespectful countries for travelers and is in fact at the bottom of the list of nations whose people never smile and are particularly unfriendly.

I dunno about that, but in all my years of being, oh, I dunno, a Filipino, I think I can safely say that Filipinos aren’t really very friendly and polite. Sure, we smile a lot and say po and opo, but that’s not necessarily a sign of inherent courtesy. You can’t believe the number of people who stare blankly at you when you ask them something, salesladies who avert their eyes when they deem you unwealthy and therefore undeserving of their attention, and people who don’t hold doors open even when know you’re coming right behind them. Oh, this list surveyed foreigners? Oh, that makes sense now. In that case, I completely agree with the survey. People would fall over themselves to treat foreigners like royalty.

April 05, 2012 by Lynn
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