For a country who tends to be outraged at the slightest slight against the Philippines and Filipinos, the commenters on this GMAnews.tv article, “Activist UP Law prof claims he was treated like ‘pariah’ in US“, mostly seem to either be dismissive or gleeful at whatever act of racism Professor Harry Roque was subjected to. Some people said he should deal with it, others say that he deserves it for being an activist, and some even say that he’s just doing this for attention. One person also suggested that perhaps Roque did something to earn the ire of the American.

It almost seems a stretch to ask these people how they would feel if they were the ones targeted by racist remarks or acts and if they wouldn’t be upset about them, thinking instead that, “Yeah, maybe I deserved that.” I can’t even understand why being an activist means you deserve whatever negativity is thrown your way. While it would certainly help to get more details on what happened, it still seems wrong to pin the blame on a person for inciting rage in a foreigner, just as wrong as blaming a woman for getting raped or blaming a person for getting into an accident 1.

It reminds me of a time around 10 years ago when my sister and I were walking to a shop in Queens. There was this white guy who suddenly shouted at us, “And where did you come from, demon country!?” I don’t think we were doing anything to deserve that comment, apart from being non-white individuals, which is really all the reason that most racists need to, well, be racists.

  1. I’ve actually heard that before. “If you didn’t go to that place today, you wouldn’t have gotten into a car accident!”

April 07, 2012 by Lynn
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