“Go home and take care of your babies, mothers”

That’s what the world seems to be saying to mothers. The thought came to me when I heard of the news that actress Andi Eigenmann splashed a glass of wine in her ex’s face, and said ex was beaten up outside the bar shortly thereafter. Now I don’t care about the wine-splashin’ and the brawlin’, but I was pretty concerned about people’s comments, particularly those sneering about how Andi should stay at home and take care of her kid, or that she shouldn’t be hanging out at bars at all, or that she’d probably get pregnant again since she was hanging out at a bar, or that she was probably prowling for a guy again since she was hanging out at a bar 1. You’d think it’s not 2012, the way people are speaking, expecting a mother to just stay at home all day and look after her child as if she doesn’t have the right to go out every now and then with friends and enjoy herself. Taking a break from taking care of your child doesn’t make you irresponsible–it makes you a regular human being. But oh yeah, the world doesn’t expect mothers to be human, but thinks they should be super goddesses who can juggle child rearing, work, household management without help and still look fabulous and sexy all the time.

  1. I also find it interesting how people associate “going to a bar” with “looking for sex”. Rather unfair to the people who simply enjoy dancing or having a drink to unwind.

May 06, 2012 by Lynn
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