Stop talking big and warmongering

I know I said I’m staying away from the comments section of Yahoo! News articles, but that place is like something gross and icky that I can’t stop staring at. What gets my goat is the ongoing territorial dispute between China and the Philippines as well as people’s reactions towards the matter. You’ll find plenty of people calling for a boycott of China-made products and there are also a lot of idiots who are saying that it’s time to fight back against China.

From the way they talk, you’d think that we have the capability and the resources to manufacture everything we could possibly need without relying on products made in China; I am interested to see how many people would survive without buying clothing items made in China which are sold by U.S. clothing brands or any products sold by CDR King. One can hope that this attitude will spur the manufacturing industry in the country as well as enhance research and development, but dream on.

At the same time, it’s appalling how people are talking about going to war as if we have the military power to even participate in such an undertaking as well as the resources to sustain the citizenry over a period of extended fighting and to rebuild once the war is over. People are confident that the U.S. will help us out if things come to a head, and some are also spouting that God will protect us because we’re a Christian nation and that we’re used to facing enormous odds because our national heroes did the same thing and succeeded (I wonder if any of these people remember that we actually failed to hang on to our independence, but whatevs. What, are we going to rely on guerrilla fighting tactics again?). None of them seem to realize that war is horrible, bloody, and real and has actual consequences on lives, consequences like, oh I dunno, death and destruction. War is not a game and many of us will be sure to turn, run, and cry when we see what actual battles are like. Assuming the world is watching, no one will admire us for being plucky, nationalistic defenders. People would be facepalming and telling us that we should not bluff with a weak hand.

July 21, 2012 by Lynn
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