The recommended driver’s license written exam in the Philippines

This is the written part of your test to obtain a driver’s license. Answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. This exam will demonstrate your knowledge of Philippine driving laws and etiquette.

1. In a road with four lanes, how many lanes should vehicles turning left occupy?

A. One
B. Two
C. Four or more

2. The vehicle in front of you is signaling left. You:

A. Stop and wait behind it until the driver successfully makes his or her turn.
B. Immediately shift into the right lane, whether vehicles are occupying that lane or not.
C. Immediately shift into the left lane, speed up, and, overtake the vehicle before the driver can make the turn.

3. The driver on another lane is signaling that he or she will move into your lane. You:

A. Slow down so the vehicle can easily shift lanes.
B. Speed up before the vehicle moves into your lane.
C. Speed up, stop when the vehicle moves into your lane, and begin honking furiously.

4. Should you switch on your headlights at night?

A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Not if the streetlights are really bright.

5. Your lane is ending 50 meters ahead, requiring you to merge into the next one. How do you accomplish this?

A. Slow down, turn on your signal, wait until the coast is clear, and then shift lanes.
B. Rush to the end of the lane and then quickly squeeze into the next one.
C. Swerve abruptly without signaling.

6. You have just spotted the vehicle of someone you know approaching from the opposite lane. What should you do?

A. Drive past each other.
B. Honk to acknowledge the other person’s presence.
C. Stop in the middle of the road to chat.

7. The car ahead of you is moving slowly. What should you do?

A. Wait until the coast is clear on either lane beside you, then shift lanes.
B. Stay behind the vehicle, alternating between blowing your horn repeatedly and speeding up to threaten the driver that you will ram his or her car.
C. Overtake the driver on his or her left side, blow your horn, open your window, and yell at him or her.

8. There is an aggressive driver moving quickly from one lane to another, and you appear to have provoked him or her. What do you do?

A. Stay out of trouble and drive away.
B. Match speeds with his or her vehicle and drive in a way that suggests that you intend to scrape the side of the vehicle.
C. Give chase when the car speeds away.

9. There is a sign saying, “No right turn on red.” You’re the second one in the lane and the vehicle in front of you has stopped. What do you do?

A. Wait until the light turns green, then turn right.
B. Honk until the driver in front of you is cowed into turning right.
C. Move to the left lane, and overtake the vehicle in front to turn right.

10. Pedestrians are crossing the street even though the light for vehicles is green and people aren’t supposed to cross yet. What do you do?

A. Stop anyway and wait until the crowd diminishes.
B. Inch forward slowly until the next wave of pedestrians decides to stop.
C. Move forward as fast as you can while blowing your horn repeatedly.

Make sure to review all your answers before returning your exam to the proctor for him or her to check your answers, assuming a crib sheet with all the correct responses wasn’t included with this exam. Go out into the world and drive, and see if the correct answers reflect the true driving conditions in the country.

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