On “Thoughts on dating a carless guy”

Inquirer is really knocking it out of the ballpark these days with its inane articles. I give them props for incurring my rage the way it hasn’t been incurred for…I dunno, two days? Their latest gem is an essay entitled “Thoughts on dating a carless guy“. There are so many things wrong with that article and I’ve exhausted nearly all my rage on the issue after talking about it with TJ and my friends, but I have enough energy left to say this.

Cars do not a sweet, sensitive, sensible, responsible boyfriend make. And we women have evolved to the point at which we can drive our own damn cars and not frame the decision to do so in the context of man-having. It’s not a matter of choosing to drive our cars because we want to drive our men ourselves or because we don’t have a man who’ll drive us around, but because we need to be able to get around in case public transportation isn’t readily available to us or we want to be able to get around without it. In addition, the writer said it herself, “…puberty to the 30s is long enough to be able to make enough money for a form of transportation if they were hardworking and smart enough.” It’s ridiculous to think that that applies only to men.

September 12, 2012 by Lynn
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