Adventures in employment

My parents and I spent more than four hours in NKTI yesterday as my dad had a fistula placed in his left arm. We were there a little after 9 a.m. for his supposedly 10 a.m. procedure, which ended up being performed around lunchtime. Anyway, I would normally find four hours of hanging around excruciating, but fortunately, I brought along a story that I’m supposed to edit and turn into a proper book. I was already 40% done with it, and I actually finished it before my dad’s procedure was done. I was even taking notes at the same time and deciding who and what to eliminate from the story. It has to be the most productive four hours I’ve ever spent. Now that I’m done with the story, I can get started on putting it together. I’m spearheading this type of project for the first time ever, and I’m both excited and worried that I’ll screw it up. Need to tap into my teenage romance novel-loving background for this.


I received word the other day that one of the companies I work for is downsizing which is why they had to let me and a bunch of us go. I have lots of feelings about this. On one hand, I’m sad because “bye money” and also because the owners of the company are really very nice, lovely people. On the other hand, I’m fine with it because I’ve felt quite useless there for the past few months and was questioning my future with them. I’m more sad though, because I want them to do well and for their business to survive. Strange, because I normally do not feel fond of employers (who does?).

Still, I’m not saying I didn’t panic over the reduction in income. That’s why I immediately set to work looking for similar work–until I caught myself and stopped, because why would I be looking for work of that type when I’ve already established that I’m sick of it? Hence, I decided to be more judicious in my search for new gigs. Fortunately, a new gig came my way, which I already like. Plus, the time that losing that job has freed up for me means I’ll be able to focus much better on projects I’m brewing.

December 08, 2012 by Lynn
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