Lessons I learned from our Sagada trip

It’s been a week since we got back and I’m still feeling pretty happy about our trip. I cannot wait to go back. The only question now is when.

Anyway, the trip really was a good one. So here’s my version of the obligatory post-vacation pondering-about-life-myself-and-what-matters-most type of blog post in the form of stuff I learned while on holiday.

1. Traveling with your boyfriend without killing each other is possible. The most arguing we did involved me acting grouchy on our way back to our attempted hike to Pongas because my feet were killing me and the road went uphill. I also rolled my eyes at him while I was buying drinks at a store.

2. We have this tendency to see a path, wonder what’s ahead, then follow it. We usually ended up someplace nice.

3. I should bring sunscreen for my face next time. I will shake my fist at comments and laughter about how weird that would be because I’m going to a cold place anyway. While the weather was cool, the sun was blazing, and my face got sunburned.

4. Being laptop- and tablet-free is truly awesome. After only a day, my eyes didn’t feel strained and those annoying red veins became much less red.

5. I may be made for non-Manila living. This is still a hypothesis in progress.

6. Eating like crazy + walking all day = no weight gain.

7. Really learn about the place you’re visiting, and don’t just see the popular sights.

8. Some fellow travelers can be a wee bit strange, and you’re probably equally strange to them, too.

9. Take more of an interest in people.

10. This country can really dish out some glorious surprises and I don’t think I can ever get sick of it.

I should go on holiday more often.

February 04, 2013 by Lynn
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