Fun with papercutting

I’m not very crafty. I took up cross stitching for a few months in high school, and I know myself well enough to know that I would be bad at knitting and crocheting. I don’t have the imagination and creativity to make interesting little things out of whatever material is on hand. I did get kind of started on things by wrapping gifts last Christmas in recycled material and making my own gift bows, thanks to my evil twin, the queen of craft, who directed me to a post on how to make a gift bow from a magazine page. But really, the most I can do with my hands is draw.

Thanks to my evil twin and Macy, however, I’ve been quite intrigued by the whole papercutting thing. This activity is very alien to me, but I was interested enough to give it a shot the other night.

papercut project 1

I suffered the whole time I was making this; working with a cutter is no easy task. Hence, I ended up with a lot of mess and jagged edges. Richelle recommended that I go for an X-Acto knife, and given her advice and a project with TJ that requires the use of one, I caved and got an X-Acto Gripster at National Bookstore yesterday (P255!). When I got home, I immediately got to work and produced this. 1

papercut project 2

And I ended up doing these as well.

papercut project 3

papercut project 4

papercut project 5

papercut project 6

They’re still not perfect and they’re still pretty jagged, but I’ll achieve perfection in time. I’m quite happy I got started on this, though; it’s a relaxing hobby.

  1. Yeah, I know, I’m a sad fangirl. Also, Zayn Malik, you are a god.

March 28, 2013 by Lynn
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