LTO sucks

And so do drunk drivers and people with no sense of personal responsibility. I wish I could come up with a mature title for this post.

Drunk driver, red Mitsubishi Adventure WJA 662

Anyway, this is the drunk driver who was driving a red 1999 Mitsubishi Adventure with plate number WJA 662 who hit my boyfriend’s vehicle from behind last night. This took place in Fairview. My boyfriend was stopped at a red light when the Adventure hit him from behind. He and his sister tried talking to the driver, but the driver couldn’t be reasoned with as he was too drunk to respond properly. By way of a response, however, he even tried to run over my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and his sister then went to the nearest police station to report the incident, but was told that they could do nothing about it.

Today, I called the LTO to ask about possible steps that can be taken. A woman answered the phone and upon hearing my question, she told me to file a police report. Then she excused herself to chat with other people; I could hear her laughing on the other line. I still had a few questions so I was relieved when she came back. “File a police report,” she repeated. I was still in the middle of my question when she suddenly hung up on me.

Great job.

I realize there’s little else that can be done about the situation, given that the driver was uncooperative and incoherent. The annoying part here is that there’s supposed be a process during such accidents. You’re supposed to stay in your car and wait for help, or take pictures of the accident. The police is supposed to come to assess the situation and generally handle the incident. Reports are then filed, followed by any cases you want to pursue. But what are you supposed to do if you can’t get anything out of the other party or if the other party opted to flee the scene?

You’re stuck with no other options other than to bleat angrily about what happened and be thankful that you’re safe. Meanwhile, the drunk driver gets off without even a slap on the wrist because no one in charge can do anything without the report that you couldn’t file because the other party was uncooperative. Even worse is that you can do your best to seek help from the authorities and find them just as powerless 1 as you are.

It reminds me of my own vehicular accident last year, when the driver who hit my vehicle took off and said he was getting his boss to take care of the incident; I had been too dazed to stop him. When he came back, he brought another guy with him and pretended that the latter had been driving his vehicle. I snapped out of it and declared vehemently who the real driver was. It was good that the matter was successfully settled, but that’s because it happened in broad daylight in front of a shopping mall. What about the incidents that take place in the middle of the night with no authorities in sight?

  1. Or they’re just plain uninterested.

July 11, 2013 by Lynn
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