Following rules is futile in the Philippines

In light of my boyfriend’s accident caused by a drunk driver and the succeeding frustration over trying to figure out how to make sure that the drunk driver takes responsibility for his actions, I’ve realized that trying to follow the correct processes and rules in this country is completely useless. Here are a few instances why following rules will just end up with you getting left behind.

Staying in your lane while driving. For one thing, the painted lines that indicate lanes seem to shift with every road segment, forcing you to adapt accordingly. For another thing, staying on your lane means that eventually you will be forced out of it by another vehicle that is swiftly moving into yours.

Using your turn signal to switch lanes or turn a corner. Vehicles behind you will just speed up when they see your turn signal is switched on so they can get ahead of you.

Falling in line correctly. You could fall in line to buy bus tickets or movie tickets and keep a respectful distance between you and the person ahead of you, or you could be standing behind a “Wait here” line. But someone will just march up to the counter and end up being served ahead of you.

Stopping at a “No right turn on red” sign. Doing so will make the other drivers behind you mad. They’ll either start honking angrily or overtake you so they can turn–and enforcers won’t pull them over.

Remaining at the scene of an accident. Rather than trying to make everything right and make it up to the affected party, there are those who just choose to flee the scene and pretend it all never happened.

Reporting an incident/accident. No one will be able to help you anyway because your report is useless without the other party’s information, even though you didn’t get this information because the other party already ran off.

I’m definitely not saying we should stop following rules from now on. It’s just frustrating that you try to do the right thing, but everyone else isn’t–and still get away with it.

July 12, 2013 by Lynn
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