First trip to Candaba

So TJ’s actually been hinting about his interest in birding over the past few years, but I just failed to take his hints seriously. Oops. To make up for it, I asked my yoga classmate Rissa, who often goes birding with her husband, if we could tag along with them on a trip to the Candaba bird sanctuary at some point. A few days after, she messaged me that she and her husband were going birding on a Sunday morning and if we’d like to join.

TJ and I were at the Shell station on NLEX at 5 a.m.; Rissa and her husband arrived several minutes later. We trailed them on the way to Candaba which we reached probably 30, 45 minutes later.

I’ve never gone birding nor have I ever been interested in it. But my interest was piqued when I saw different kinds of birds in Candaba.

Philippine ducks, Candaba

Philippine ducks

White-breasted waterhen, Candaba

White-breasted waterhen

Night heron and purple heron, Candaba

Night heron and purple heron

Black-winged stilt, Candaba

Black-winged stilt

There were great and little egrets, purple swamphens, little kingfishers, zebra doves, shoveler ducks, and terns, among many other birds that I didn’t even know existed. Rissa said she initially wanted to tell us to manage our expectations because it was likely that we wouldn’t get to see anything. I suppose we got lucky, because we must have seen more than a dozen types of birds that morning.

February 12, 2014 by Lynn
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