One Direction is coming to Manila. Holy shit.

Secret’s out. Well, it really wasn’t much of a huge secret since the 1D Philippine street team posted tweets from event organizers that something big was about to be announced on May 7, which many Directioners already guessed was about the boys’ concert. The announcement was then moved to May 19. Unfortunately, local news outfits leaked the news of the boys’ March 21, 2015 concert, despite explicit instructions from 1DHQ that the announcement be made on the 19th. Sod.

Anyway, I AM BEYOND THRILLED THAT THE BOYS ARE COMING HERE. At last, a boyband is coming exactly when I am at the peak of fangirlhood, and not decades after their fame has faded. But at the same time, I’m worried that the ticket prices are going to be astronomical. I’m going to brag that as an older Directioner (with jobs! Plural!), I do have some purchasing power. But I’m feeling pretty worried for the younger ones who have been hardcore fans since the beginning but don’t have boatloads of money. An annoying possibility is that the really good seats will go to sponsors and celebrities who don’t even know much about the boys and their music. A second annoying possibility is that even the cheapest seats will be too expensive, thereby shutting out a lot of dedicated fans.

And no, it is completely unhelpful to tell them to just ask their parents for money or to save their allowances. Not all fans have deep pockets and rich families. If tickets are priced at a minimum of P5,000, a lot of fans will balk, especially younger ones whose parents and relatives won’t exactly be thrilled to shell out that amount of money. And let’s not forget the fans who aren’t based in Manila.

I certainly hope the organizers will consider the feelings and finances of the fans and not just assume that Directioners in the Philippines are swimming in money. After all, Simon Cowell said that it’s the fans who decided that One Direction was going to be famous. There should be room for every single fan in the boys’ concert, ones who will truly appreciate and enjoy the show.

May 11, 2014 by Lynn
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