The futility of signing up to BIR’s eFPS

I’ve been trying to enroll to the eFPS of the BIR and I keep getting this message: “The TIN and/or Branch Code you entered does not exist in the eFPS Registration database.” So I e-mailed them asking for help, and this is part of their response:

Stated hereunder are the requisites for availment of the eFPS system:

• Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) should be registered in our BIR Integrated Tax System (ITS) (please be informed that the BIR- ITS is a system internal to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and access thereto is only allowed to BIR personnel)
• Certification authorizing any of the two (2) officers designated to file the return under Section 52 (A) of the Tax Code (President or other principal officer, and Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer of the Corporation) who shall enroll for the system usage;
• Enrollment to eFPS;
• Enrollment to eFPS Authorized Agent Bank (AAB);

Um. How can I avail the eFPS if I can’t enroll to the eFPS to begin with? This is just completely useless information. What’s more, I’m also not the only person who encounters this particular difficulty. I can’t figure out why the BIR claims to want to make filing taxes easy and yet it’s making registering to the system so hard.

February 15, 2016 by Lynn
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  1. Ahh, so I guess emailing them is also useless. Fantastic.

  2. Encountered that issue now. Apart from that, eFPS is not user friendly.

  3. Still encountering the same shitty problem.

  4. well you need to submit some requirements before they can add you to their database. after that you can now enroll to efps then give them the copy of the response of the system. You can find that on your e-mail.

  5. tin/branch code error. and it puts you back on the main screen to redo everything you typed. how can BIR increase their collection efficiency if they have a shitty website?!

  6. Hi Im experiencing same problem. Would like to email you personally about the status of your efps because mineis already 3 months but still on the process and i dont know what to do about it.

  7. I’ve read but haven’t done it yet to submit a letter of intent to your RDO for the pre loading of TIN in the registration of database.

  8. try using internet explorer

  9. Encountered this just now! Can’t believe its still like this after many years.

    • Went to BIR branch near our house and they advised me to file online. Then i’m encountering this issue so I came across this site. Mygoodness the system won’t even allow us to register (when that’s a critiical and common function for a webapp like this!)

      Plus, i can’t believe it’s been years and the same issue occurs! Been emailing BIR but im not getting a single reply after how many weeks…… Haaay.

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