Fire at the UP Diliman Faculty Center

Fire at the UP Diliman Faculty Center

Photo from the Facebook page of the Philippine Collegian

Fire hit the UP Diliman Faculty Center on the morning of April 1, reaching Task Force Alpha or just one level above the fifth alarm. The fire was eventually put out and no one was physically injured, thankfully. But it left behind structural damage and the loss of countless resources, research, artifacts, mementoes, and other valuable items.

The Faculty Center was something of a refuge for me back in college, in that I spent a lot of time there just writing and reading between classes. I sat in the hallway on the second floor for an agonizing period of time waiting to find out if I was accepted into the History program. I enjoyed informative consultations with my professors. I’m not mourning the memories; they’re not going anywhere. I feel much worse about the loss of all the materials and resources. The good thing is that people are pitching in to gather as many materials as they could and rebuild what they can. I have no resources to contribute myself, given that any relevant materials I have were also torched by a fire in 2008, but I’ll nevertheless find a way to contribute (books for DECL, office equipment and cash donations to CSSP come to mind), and I hope everyone else will, too.

April 05, 2016 by Lynn
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