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ABS-CBN reports that Golden Heritage Polytechnic College in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines, is banning relationships among students to prevent teenage pregnancy. Based on their mission, I suppose they’re okay with homosexual relationships then given that they will not result in teenage pregnancies? But I seriously doubt it.

I find this ban is hilarious and ridiculous and wrong in so many ways.

1. It assumes that couples are doing nothing but have sex, and not just sex, but also unprotected sex.
2. It suggests that having sex is wrong.
3. It smacks of the idea that pregnancy will destroy a young woman’s life and she will no longer have a chance to grow and improve her life.
4. While this may have been done in the spirit of ensuring that young women have a future, it’s very sexist to say that relationships and pregnancy will have a negative effect on only the young woman’s life. This clearly shows society’s habit of giving men a free pass and that any pregnancy that such men may have caused is to be borne only by the woman.
4. It’s intrusive of the school to ban relationships. Banning people from having relationships stunts their emotional growth and renders them incapable of knowing exactly what they want in a person, learning what kind of relationships they really want, and learning what a bad and a good relationship is.
5. It suggests that they really have control over people’s personal lives. Are they assigning people to look in on every single person and report on whether any illicit relationships are going on?

Young people can be idiotic and impetuous (hey, who wasn’t idiotic and impetuous when they were young?), but policing their personal lives is not the way to guide them. And expelling them for flouting this idiotic ban will certainly be much worse for their future, which this school is supposedly so keen on protecting.

August 17, 2016 by Lynn
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