Scary Tales #5

My brother-in-law Euge’s family–specifically his mother, his two sisters, and his niece–has a strange talent for seeing the supernatural. Writing about their ghostly encounters could take up several posts, but here are a few more recent tales.

His family went home to Aklan some time ago, with his young niece in tow. She fell sick in the first week of their stay, and his sister heard voices converging on the bed on which their niece was lying. Having had plenty of experience in this matter, she told them to bugger off if they won’t be able to help. The voices disappeared. She has been hearing strange voices in their old house since she was young. One day, after some voices spoke to her, she challenged them and told them she wasn’t afraid of them, at which point the window slammed shut on its own.

During college in California, she was walking on the grounds with her friends when she noticed a big black dog hunting something. The dog noticed that she was looking at it, then decided to go after her instead. No one else saw the dog.

Their niece is also showing a talent for this at such a young age. As they were leaving for the airport, everyone was waving to the people in the first floor, and yet she was waving at something in the second floor. Upon their return to California, she seemed to be reacting more to invisible things, most notably a tree in a nearby park, to which she refuses to go near.