Just allergic conjunctivitis things

I’ve been suffering from the damn thing practically every year since the early 2010s, usually around the rainy season, and my usual recourse is to just put ice on my eyes every now and then, use over-the-counter eyedrops for red eyes, and just…suffer until the season ends and my eyes go back to normal. I had to skip an annual work meeting several years ago because my eyes were too red and gunky for polite company, and in July last year, I got a stye first in my right eye and then in my left because I was scratching probably too violently and frequently.

This year, it started in June and hasn’t let up at all. I figured that, as usual, I’ll just wait until September or October to feel better. After all, I got through July this year without a stye, so I thought I was fine. But prompting from my sister and the godawful feeling of waking up with already-tired eyes even after a full night of sleep made me decide to get help. And help I got; the ophthalmologist prescribed steroid eyedrops for a week, antihistamine eyedrops for 10 days, and lubricating eyedrops for as long as needed. It’s been about four days in and I’m feeling…normal!? It’s remarkable.

The lesson: Get help when you need it, stop suffering, you’re only hurting yourself.